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"Help I Need More Ideas!

Presenters are Miriam Hulett and Judy Carter. Miriam Hulett is an educator (38 years), author, former center director and in-home provider with B.S. and M.A degrees in education. Judy Carter was a center director/teacher for 17 years with a B.S degree and M.A. credits. Miriam and Judy have over 54 years experience working in the EDE field and co-direct the EDE program at Great Lake Christian College in Lansing, Michigan. The workshop is free and a brunch is provided after the workshop.

Register online at For more information contact or call Great Lakes Christian College at 1-800-937-4522 or 517-321-0242 ext 221. and ask for Judy. Contact Miriam at

Great Lakes Christian College, 6211 West Willow Highway, Lansing MI 48917