Phoebe Flies Away - Book Review


Christine Cummings

Elementary School Librarian (Retired)

Kentwood Public Schools, Kentwood, Michigan


The only "possums" I've ever encountered were the stiff legged kind on the side of the road. But, Miriam Hulett and co-author Janis Murphy tell the story of a real opossum,

"Phoebe", a sweet, cuddly creature who sleeps in her rescuer's bed, and rides snuggled in her shirt collar.


   Phoebe learns that what seems scary at first, her owner's dog for instance, and traveling through a massive airport, can turn out to be a great adventure when you're with the one you love.


   A perfect story for preschoolers, and all lovers of furry animals, "Phoebe flies away", wriggled her way into my heart.


I'm looking forward to more true adventures of Phoebe.


Christine Cummings

Kentwood School System Elementary school librarian (Retired)